IT Recruitment Services for a Referral Fee
 IT Recruitment Services for a Referral Fee

IT Consulting Services...the right way

40K Inc., offers IT services from an individual contributor, who has been in IT Consulting practices past 15 years. Most often, people do not understand the differences between a IT Contractor and an IT Consultant. Neither do they understand the true meaning of IT Recruiter. 


Anyone can get into staff augmentation and call themselves fancy names including Recruiter, Account Manager, Business Development, Talent Acquisition, but very few of them understand and justify the responsibilities of these titles through efficient ways while being single point of contact to their clients. Resourcing is not just doing a copy paste search, but evaluating being in the shoe of your clients. 


A true Resource Manager is not limited by technology boundaries. He/she can be jack of all skills and master of none, if one can; 

  1. differentiate between a good resume from bad
  2. understand client requirement and expectations in a candidate
  3. evaluate delivery criteria on every profile under evaluation


We work on a Referral Fee (Commissions) basis for each placement per candidate per hour for the duration of the contract period and extensions thereof. Client's sign contracts directly with the employer of the IT Consultant.


Our Service Catalogue includes;

  • Project Staffing - Help clients staff their projects completely and exclusively with IT Consultants, while being single point of contact, understanding the true necessity of a role and evaluating the right mix of skills who will justify the position. 
  • Marketing Services - Help candidates market their profiles to various IT Staff Agencies who are looking to fill their temporary contract positions with IT Contractors / Consultants.

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What if someone does IT Recruitment for passion than money?

It is highly unlikely, but there is innovation every step of the way - in products and services. IT Recruitment soon will see regulation and standards that everyone can not achieve.